As the Common Wealth Time Bank has been integrated into the community, growing to a membership of 137 people in our two months of existence, I am still faced with those who are skeptical of the possibilities. Some of this skepticism is based on the notion that this currency offers an “unlimited potential time dollar” system. It seems that some people have some trepidation over getting involved because the currency does not have the limitations of the money they are used to. They feel that we need to ¨create some incentive for people to earn time dollars by making them limited.¨

I have gone over this many times, in my mind, through my writing, and speaking about it, but I cannot bring myself to incorporate limitations on the unlimited. I recognize that we are all limited in the time that we have available to engage the life which presents itself to us. Because of that, we must decide how we are going to spend the 24 hours a day that we are given. Yet beyond that, I don´t really see any limitations.

After all, my intention for paving the way for an alternative economic currency was not to create limitations. We have plenty of limitations in the monetary currency. Why would I want to make any more? The greatest potential that I have found in this time-banking mechanism is that it opens us up to a greater realization of abundance. Why would I want to limit that any more than we already have?

I understand the mindset of those who are afraid of being ripped off or afraid of being taken advantage of. I understand that people might be afraid that people will take advantage of the system. And I can´t honestly say that that won´t happen. Most likely, if people are true to what they have been taught about themselves and how they need to operate in this world of lack and disharmony, they will most likely abuse the system and try to take advantage. Nevertheless, I have found through the times that I have been abused and taken advantage of, that life goes on and provides in ways that the abusers and advantage-takers cannot touch.

As far as incentive goes, if the ability to participate in your life doing things that you love to do in service to others and opening up to new ways of providing for yourself beyond the confines of the monetary currency through interaction with your community is not enough of an incentive, then perhaps time-banking isn´t right for you at this time. Perhaps you need to think about it some more and consider the possibilities. Perhaps you´d like to wait until we have a paper currency that will provide you with the limited supply that you´re used to. Whatever the case, I hope you can come to recognize that the purpose of time banking is to open the door to a greater realization of abundance, one that cannot be attained by the strict and solitary adherence to a monetary economic system.

Personally, I want to embrace abundance and I just cannot see the reason in limiting and restricting that. If you can help me out and offer me some greater insight into the value of limitation, please feel free to share your thoughts.


Steve McAllister is the author of The Rucksack Letters and How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. He posts regularly at The Unbroken Path and is currently the Director of Operational Development for the Common Wealth Time Bank in Sarasota, Florida. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.