The Common Wealth Time Bank will be partnering with Transition Sarasota and the Peace Education and Action Center to host a Skill Share Fair at Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center on Thursday, November 15 from 6pm to 8pm. The event will allow members of the time bank, and those that wish to become members, the opportunity to network with one another in order to find harmony between needs and services. Through a series of leading questions moderated by time bank facilitators, attendees will learn to recognize the services they are capable of and the often unappreciated talents they have, and how those can be used to meet the needs of others in the community.

The Common Wealth Time Bank launched publicly on Labor Day as a complimentary currency in Sarasota and Manatee counties, allowing residents to realize abundance beyond the limits of the monetary structure. ¨Time banking is largely about the realization that a healthy economy is about more than finances,¨ says Steve McAllister, the Common Wealth Time Bank´s Director of Operational Development, or the Time Bank DOOD. ¨A vibrant economy is about healthy families, safe neighborhoods, vibrant creativity, social justice, environmental sustainability, and a host of other things that are much more reliant on human participation than legal tender. Time banking is about recognizing the wealth we have instead of mourning over the money we don´t.¨

Begun in the 1980´s by Dr. Edgar Cahn, time-banking is an alternative currency system whereby members earn a ¨time dollar¨ for every hour of service they give to another member. Members can take these time dollars and spend them on services offered by other members of the time bank. Basically, it economizes the ¨pay it forward¨ principle by encouraging residents to participate in their community by recognizing and rewarding the assets that each member of the community brings to the whole.

In addition to networking with other members and potential members to find common ground and assist one another in meeting needs and cultivating enjoyable lives, attendees will also be able to get involved in a number of initiatives that the time bank is launching into the community. For instance, residents with green thumbs and a desire to see more local and organic food in Sarasota may want to join the ¨Garden Brigade¨ to help plant and cultivate gardens in their neighborhoods and throughout the area. Or perhaps people might want to get involved in the ¨Generational Wealth¨ initiative to foster an environment of greater respect between the generations and the realization of value in each member of our community.

The event is open to all residents of Sarasota and Manatee counties. Admission is $5 US or 2 time dollars. If attendees have not accrued any time dollars yet, their credit is good with the Common Wealth Time Bank. ¨In developing community,¨ says McAllister, ¨the accounting isn´t nearly as important as the participation.¨