Things are coming along well at the Flow Factory. There is still a lot of clutter that I am trying to organize and find new homes for. One of my challenges is that I do not want to simply classify everything that we can’t find an immediate need for as garbage. We have a lot of things that can be useful to someone, it’s just a matter of finding out who that someone is and how to get them the stuff.

In the meantime, I’ve been organizing the stuff that we can use. By cutting down a bunch of pallets that were out back, I built a shelving unit that will soon serve as the “Ivy League Tool Share”program. Through this program, when a member of the community needs to use a circular caw, drill, sander, or other tool, they can simply come check it out and return it when they are finished. The program is designed to help the community make repairs, renovation, and restorations without having to incur the costs of buying all new tools.

As just one of the many projects we have in the works at the Flow Factory, the Ivy League Tool Share is about empowering the community to discover the true wealth available to us when we practice interdependence instead of proudly trudging through the battle to achieve independence. We believe that, while independence is much more powerful than dependence, to truly engage in abundance, we must realize that humankind is indeed a social species and open up to our highest power through the integration of interdependence.

If you are interested in helping us clear out some space by giving a home to some hardware or other household item, or if you just want a tour of the facility, please email me at, or just come on by the Flow Factory at 2035 Cornell Street.